Hi, I'm Denise! Proud owner of Nova Photography, I'm the boudoir photographer for everyday women like you. I'm a Wife, a Mother, a Loyal Friend.  Licensed cosmetologist, whiskey drinker, and a DIY junkie!

Once I realized the profound effects a boudoir photography experience has on a woman's self worth, I knew this was what I was meant to do. Being a boudoir photographer allows me to express my creativity and feeds my soul.  Boudoir portraiture is my passion. No matter where you are in your life - your age, your size, your relationship status- through this experience we give the middle finger to those unrealistic expectations of vanity thrown in our faces on a daily basis.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Right now, today, perfectly imperfect.

As a woman who struggles to embrace my own bodyscape, I've made it my mission to show women how they can learn to not only accept, but to truly love themselves through the intimate art we create. You don't need a special occasion to treat yourself. A boudoir session in itself is an occasion, and the ultimate way to celebrate YOU.

A boudoir photography session with me, is an empowering, invigorating, body positive, slightly terrifying, mildly awkward experience, BUT it is so much FUN! Our adventure together will lead to that boost of confidence we can all use. We get there in a sexy sultry way, I'm your guide from outfit selection through posing and image reveal. You'll forever have photographic evidence to remind you how amazing and beautiful you are.