​So you've decided to take the leap and book your boudoir session, but what now?  How does one prepare themselves for a boudoir photography session?  There are a few key things you'll need to consider:  Styling, Wardrobe, Physical & Mental prep


During our pre-session consultation, we will discussion what type of style or "look" you are going for.  Do you want to go more pumped up natural look, or are you wanting a dramatic change by going full glam?  Full glam is usually more of a "wow" factor, and pumped up natural tends to look like more like the everyday version of you.  There is no wrong answer here, it's really up to you. I highly suggest you take a look around the gallery and pick out a few images you like in regards to hair & makeup.  The Nova Photography Pinterest page is a good source of inspiration as well.  This will help when we are chatting to be looking a the same images, so that our interpretations of styilng terms are the same.


What to wear depends entirely on you - what kind of look you envision for yourself, and most importantly, what makes you feel most comfortable! Some clients prefer to bare it all - while others like to remain more conservatively covered. Any way you like it, we'll work with you to create the experience of your dreams. Here are a few pointers we've gathered from our years of experience for the final outcome of your session.

Accessorize! Whether it's your engagement ring, something a little vintage, a bold or delicate necklace, or a sexy body chain, accessories can add personality and interest to your photos.

Choosing your outfits. Bring one more than outfit than your session allows for! Bring something that fits your style but something totally outside of your comfort zone.  Before the photo shoot begins, we will look at each of your outfits, maybe try them on, and make the final selections.  If you are planning to use your own wardrobe, you are encourage to show me during our pre-session consult, or send photos ahead of time.  This will allow me to give some feedback and coaching.  You can also check out the lingerie guide on the blog for more tips.  Also, Nova Photography offers a vast client wardrobe closet that is available for use.  This is included in some packages, and can be added if you like for an additional fee to cover dry cleaning expense.

Color, Pattern & Texture! Colorful accessories, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie can really make your photos shine. Even a small touch of color, such as a necklace, among an otherwise muted pallette can add a lot of excitement and interest to the composition. If you're not sure what colors, patterns, and textures would go best with your skin tones, just ask! I love making recommendations and talking about style with clients.

Lingerie with Interest! Fishnets, thigh-highs, garter belts, bodysuits, high-waisted panties and extra-lacey lingerie...yes!!! I will love photographing you in anything - but unique, interesting lingerie pieces are a great way to make your photos really incredible.

Just the Sheet! When in doubt grab a sheet to cover the important parts...How much you dare to bare it entirely up to you, but implied nudes or topless can be a great "outfit" option.

Physical Prep:

  • Wear loose clothing to the shoot. The last thing you want are any unwanted lines on you. Come braless, comfy sweats and a loose shirt!  
  • Eat smart and drink lots of water leading up to your photo shoot. Drinking lots of water and eating right will give you a nice healthy glow and make you feel better.  Avoid salty foods, and food that tend to make you feel bloated or sluggish.  You'll need some energy for your boudoir session, so take care of yourself woman!
  • PLEASE do not go tanning for a few days before your shoot or get a spray tan. If this is part of your normal routine, that is ok, however, please do not try this out to prep for your boudoir session.  Red blotchy skin will not look good in your images.  Try to avoid getting tan lines that will not be covered by your garments.  Even worse, and orange streaky Oompa Loompa look - let's avoid that!
  • Be sure bras and panties fit correctly and do not have holes or stains.
  • Please remove any scuff marks or stickers from shoes.
  • Please remove all tags from garments, pricing and sizing.
  • Get your body ready...wax, shave, lotion, paint toe nails, get a manicure.  See below for more details on timing.
  • STRETCH!!! You will use muscles you never even knew you had. You will be sore the next day, so stretching and Tylenol will help your body recover.

Mental Prep:

Be CONFIDENT!!! This is the most important tip. Love your body, be confident in who you are and how far you've come. Trust me to coach you every step of the way, including posing.  This is what I do ladies, I promise you are in good hands! You are going to look & feel amazing after your luxury boudoir photography session at Nova Photography!