With so many options available when it comes to lingerie, how are you supposed to know what would work best for you?  Above all else, you should select pieces that make you feel sexy & confident.  

Everybody and every body is different. But everyone deserves to feel sexy, glamorous and special. Let’s face it — we have a love-hate relationship with lingerie. Once you find the piece of lingerie or bra that makes you feel invincible, life is good, if not great, but the whole shopping and trying pieces on parts are, well, less than favorable.  And, let’s be honest. Not everyone can look perfect in each piece of lingerie put in front of them. 

In order to truly flatter yourself, you also need to think about which of your assets you value most and want to properly accentuate. I've we’ve created a guide to help you find lingerie that best suits your body shape.  Combine these tips with your own style preference, and you’ll be that much closer to finding a piece of lingerie that will make you feel sexy and unstoppable.

​Fashion experts have suggested seven common body shapes that you've likely heard of before: Diamond, Hourglass, Apple, Rectangle, Pear, Triangle and Inverted Triangle.  Knowing which body shape you are is the first step to a great fit.